Tietietie-How to tie a tie."helf windsor knot"(You can choose from four languages.)

On this page you can learn about "helf windsor knot", which is how to tie a tie. This way of tying can make a beautiful triangular knot. This page is properly and perfectly explained using youtube videos and pictures. On youtube, Japanese girls will show you how to tie a tie step by step. This page is useful when you tie a shirt to a tie in a way called "half windsor knot". You can choose from four languages.

half windsor knot

"half windsor knot" is sometimes referred to as "semiwindsor knot". It's one of the basic ways to tie a tie. Can be tied in a triangle. It's a beautiful triangle. "half windsor knot" is useful in various situations such as weddings and businesses where you wear a suit. cool knot. It is safe even when it is formal. You can use it with confidence even at a funeral. A skinny tie is fine. It is a popular tying method for both men and women.

youtube video

On youtube, Japanese girls will show you how to tie a tie step by step.

Explaining "half windsor knot" with a picture.

This section describes "Half-Windsor Knot" properly and perfectly with pictures.

1Cross the tie

The width of the tie is wide on the left. The width of the tie is narrow on the right. The wide tie is on the top and the narrow tie is on the bottom. Cross the tie.

2Rotate clockwise

Rotate the wider side of the tie clockwise behind you. From right to left.


Pass the wider side of the tie from the front to the body side. From the front left.

4Pull down

Pull down on the wider side of the tie.

5Rotate clockwise

Rotate the wider tie clockwise in front of the intersection. From left to right.


Pass the wider tie from the side of the body to the front. From the back right.


Insert the wider side of the tie into the loop. Ring made in 5.


Grab the narrower side of the tie and lift the knot. It is possible to adjust the position of the knot. Once you've adjusted the position and shape of the tie knot, you're done.